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SALE ENDS 10 / 9 / 15!

Discount & International Shipping Policies

Discount Policy (As of 10/9/15):
25% off orders of $600 or more.
Larger discounts may be available depending
on size of order upon approval of Expressions.

International Shipping Policy:
Molds that may have been broken in transit via USPS International
shipping will be replaced (at no charge) 1 time but all the shipping and handling cost
will have to be paid by the customer. Before replacement will be shipped
Please Email photos of broken molds to us to verify the issue at hand.

Mold Sets over 18" can be shipped Internationally. But may require
additional shipping and packaging charges to insure a hopefully safe arrival.


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 Welcome to the world of Expressions. We make and distribute molds for the beautiful
porcelain dolls designed by Dianna Effner and other fine artists. We also stock a large
assortment of products for dollmakers such as paints, brushes,
instructional videos, doll boxes, and wigs.

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19" Sweet Cheeks

Piper/Pouty | BooBoo/Bebe/Dolly

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