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 Keepsake Playmate Kits

Some folks think that porcelain dolls can't be played with, but we want to tell you, that simply isn't true. We've been playing with porcelain dolls for many years and have rarely had a mishap. Porcelain is more rugged than you might think, especially with the larger dolls. We try not to drop them on their heads but the bisque is strong and can take quite a bit of knocking around. We pour the pieces fairly thick so they are really sturdy.

Keepsake Playmate is the name that refers to the pose-able body developed and designed by Dianna Effner for her 18 inch Dolls. With this body, the Portrait Series and the other 18 inch doll sculpts can be made into cuddly porcelain dolls that are ready for play.

Here is a video showing how to make the Keepsake playmate pose-able body.

The pattern for making the body and 11 pages of step-by-step illustrated
instruction is also available to download (or free with deluxe kit).

Dianna has also developed a method for painting the porcelain dolls that doesn't require a kiln. You can learn all of her new painting techniques by joining her Social network dollcrafters.ning.com. After joining Doll Crafters free social network, the next step is to join the forum called the Reborn Revolution. There you can access hours of video tutorials showing Dianna's painting techniques using Jo Sonja artists colours. Paints and supplies are available from the Studio Doll Pro on-line store. Here's a short video showing glimpses of what you can see when you join the Reborn Revolution. There you can also network with Dianna and other members of the forum. The cost to join the Reborn Revolution forum is $75/year.

Expressions is now offering bisque-kits including the fired porcelain parts for making a Keepsake Playmate doll. These kits come in in 2 styles. One has paintable eyes and the other has cut out sockets for setting glass eyes. The sculpt for the head was originally named American Kidz portrait #1. Now we just call her our Keepsake Playmate. Click here for more info about the Keepsake Playmate bisque-kits and the Deluxe Keepsake Playmate kits that include everything you would need to build a Keepsake Playmate doll.

Remember, any of the original portrait series and other 18 dolls sculpted by Dianna can be made to fit the keepsake Playmate body. With this new pose-abe cloth body the 18 inch dolls are so much fun. It's such a great size because there is so much on the market for these dolls. Clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, whatever your heart desires.

Other heads that fit the Keepsake Playmate body: Portraits 1-10 Emily, Jenny, JennyII, April, Brooke, Carly Other classic Dianna Effner doll sculpts like Molly and Lovey can also be used with the body using the Lovey shoulder plate.

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