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Supplies for Online Classes: 

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>> For Vanessa's Western Outfit

Vanessa Outfit Pattern: Nedras fully illustrated pattern includes shirt,skirt,vest and bonus dress pattern. $12.50/pattern 

This is a printed pattern that will be mailed with accessories or kits.    

>> For Shoe Classes 101, 201 & 301

Black Makin's Clay - Another air dry clay that is strong and flexible when dry. We'll be using it for making the soles for leather and Heart Clay shoes..$4/package 

Toddler Legs - For use as forms when making shoes for the standing Toddler doll such as Angle Eyes, Blossom, Sweet Thing or the new Dimples.l.$15/pair 

Hearty Clay - Lightweight Air Dry clay for doll making, shoe making and other crafts, available in a variety of colors. Three primary colors and white combine to make any color except black. When dry has the look and feel of suede in miniature. Can be painted with any paint. Apply glazed for smooth finish.. $15/package 

White Double Package

Lumina Clay - Translucent air dry clay. Comes in white. Can be mixed with Hearty clay for color. Heavier than Hearty clay and dries very flexible. Excellent sole material.$10/package 

Flower Cutter - Pattern cutter from Kemper tools for making shoe embellishments..$1.89/each

Round Cutter - Pattern cutter from Kemper tools for cutting units of clay to facilitate color mixing.$2.59/each

Leg Forms -Fired bisque legs for custom fit shoes. Choose Little Lou or Wednesday's child size.. $15/pair

Little Lou Legs

Wednesday's Child Legs

Socks - Quality cream colored cotton ribbed knit sock as shown on the original Little Lou.. $2.50/pair

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